In and around the vicinity of the festival grounds at French’s Camp are a wide variety of uniquely interesting and varied attractions ranging from stunning ancient redwood trees and remote wilderness areas to unforgettable one-of-a-kind gift shops. If you need supplies, we’ve also listed the nearby markets at your disposal.

Nearby Resources

Cooks Valley Patriot
Cooks Valley Patriot, (707) 247-9645

Please note: A crosswalk will be available to the Patriot Station.

Just a half mile north of the festival entrance on the west side Highway 101 is the Cooks Valley Patriot gas station where a host of common necessities may be purchased.

With its friendly staff and services not otherwise available in such close proximity to the festival grounds, this local business offers fuel, snacks, a deli and mini-market, propane, and more. It’s the closest resource of its kind to the festival grounds.

For larger supply runs, Ray’s Supermarket in Garberville (8.5 miles north) or the Shop Smart Supermarket in Redway (11.7 miles north) are recommended. Both of these well stocked supermarkets are easily accessible on the shuttle bus route.

Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce


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