The Eel

Reggae on the River’s River: The Eel

5 Jun 2017 News

After the rainfall this past winter, the Eel river, site of the Reggae on the River festival is up!

The festival weekend allows for a lot of fun in the river, please play at your own risk!

You are able to camp near the river, but your tent must be 25 feet away from its banks, vehicles must be 100 feet from the river. There is no glass allowed on the river bar.

The Mateel Community Center and Reggae on the River have been involved in stewardship of the river contributing to the Eel River Recovery Project donating $5,000 toward a grant to study the entire watershed as part of the Eel River system. The Eel Recovery Project will be on site this year at Reggae 2017 at an information booth they host to share river information with festival patrons. In 2017 we’ll see videos on the digital display screens that focus on the well-being of the fish population of the Eel.

In 2016 festival organizers and regional partners made a 780,000+ gallon rainwater catchment pond a reality. It enables us to manage the water supply necessary for the ROTR site with sufficient excess to recharge the aquifer at the driest time of year and offset the festival’s total water usage. This improvement will make Reggae On The River a water neutral/ positive event- the first of its kind!